Built on a long-standing tradition of accuracy, reliability and customer service, CZ is known for producing some of the highest quality firearms at affordable prices. CZ firearms are made for hunters, marksmen, competition shooters, and duty officers.

Buy CZ pistols for sale online from our shop. Our goal is to make sure you get the highest quality CZ pistols at the best price and without any hassle. We pride ourselves in bringing you a variety of CZ pistols such as the P-series and other popular options like the CZ 75, CZ Shadow 2, CZ bren 2, CZ Scorpion and more.

CZ rifles have ruled the global market with long arms for hunting and sport and are also the weapons of choice and the first line of defense for military installations around the world. Our selections include the CZ Scorpion, CZ 457, CZ 527, CZ 455, CZ 452, CZ 557, CZ bren 2, CZ 512 and other superior CZ rifles for you.

Just as any other CZ USA firearms, CZ Shotguns are known for their quality construction, reliability and accuracy. Suitable for hunting and home defense applications, some of our popular models include CZ 1012, CZ 912, CZ 712, CZ Drake and many more CZ Shotguns at the best prices online. All available for your convenience.

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CZ products are imported exclusively by CZ-USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company, Ceska Zbrojovka a.s. Uhersky Brod, (CZUB) of Czech Republic.CZ firearms have been available through normal channels in the US since 1991, through such importers/distributors as Bauska, Action Arms and Magnum Research.

In 1997 CZUB recognized the need to control its own destiny in a market as big as the US. Initially based in Oakhurst California, the CZ-USA headquarters and warehouse facility was moved to Kansas City in January of 1998.In early 2005, CZ-USA was thrilled to acquire Dan Wesson Firearms and is now managing it as a part of the CZ corporate group.

All distribution, firearm and part sales, marketing and warranty/repair is handled at our facilities in Kansas City, KS or Norwich, NY.


CZ takes its name from “Česká zbrojovka,” meaning “Czech armory.” Known worldwide for finely-built handguns, rifles, and shotguns, CZ USA is trusted by military and law enforcement, as well as everyday people who like to hunt, compete, protect their homes, and engage in target sports. Browse our massive collection for the firearm that fits you most.